Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pictures of the Peanut Crew!

I am quite ashamed of myself for not posting since July, but it's a lot of work to sit down on the computer and type something! So without further adieu, I present our representatives of the Peanut Crew!

The goofy side to my 'serious' Joel. :)
And of course, the charmer of the family, Peter.
And presenting the fearless leader of our little band, Nathan!
Off on an adventure!
The happy side of the co leader, Anna.
Ahh, just before the annual PC ball.

The other side of Anna.

And of course, Princess Peanut! (Becky Jane).
Joel and Peter again. These boys know the true meaning of teamwork. They are always on Nathan's heels on any quest that involves danger, slyness, or just plain cuteness/goofiness.
Princess Peanut and her bodyguards.
Get a real good sniff!

The Peanut Crew have been celebrating the admittance of a new member, Mark Joesph Young. Born on October 3, 2009. Mark is currently in the possession of the title, Precious Peanut.

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